Title: PEQIS (Postsecondary Education Quick Information System)

Acronym: PEQIS

Description: NCES has established PEQIS to collect timely data on focused issues needed for program planning and policy development with a minimum burden on respondents. In addition to obtaining information on emerging issues quickly, PEQIS surveys are also used to assess the feasibility of developing large-scale data collection efforts on a given topic or to supplement other NCES postsecondary surveys. PEQIS employs a standing sample (panel) of approximately 1,600 postsecondary educational institutions at the 2-year and 4-year level.

Agency: U.S. Department of Education

Direct Agency: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

PEQIS Information: http://nces.ed.gov/surveys/peqis/

Due Date: Varies

Due Month: Varies

Status: Active

Status Date: 0000-00-00