Title: Consortium Grant Application

Acronym: CGA

Description: Activities will be sponsored by the Department to encourage community colleges to cooperatively plan for new occupations in high technology and/or other emerging occupational areas. The Department will provide grants to eligible community colleges to assist the institution(s) in accomplishing the project's approved objectives.

Agency: Michigan Department of Talent and Economic Development (TED)

Direct Agency: Talent Investment Agency (TIA)/Workforce Development (WD)/Sector Strategies

Submit Data and Access Instructions (log in required): http://www.michigancc.net/grants/cst/default.aspx Dean's Guide (section revised 9/09): http://www.michigancc.net/Perkins/resources-guide.aspx?PageFunction=ViewGuide

Due Date: Applications may be submitted on an ongoing basis throughout the project fiscal year The grant application closeout is due no later than August 29

Due Month: Submissio

Status: Active

Status Date: 2017-07-26