Title: Student Right-to-Know Reporting

Acronym: TBD

Description: Title IV institutions are required by the Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act (P.L. 101-542) to inform current and prospective students of graduation, completion, and transfer-out rates for full-time students seeking certificates or degrees as well. This same information must also be reported for student athletes. The act also requires reporting of security policies and crime statistics to students, employees, and the U.S. Department of Education. See Name (Record XX)

Agency: U.S. Department of Education

Direct Agency: Student Federal Aid

Federal Student Aid Consumer Information Website: http://ifap.ed.gov/qahome/qaassessments/consumerinformation.html Consumer Information Disclosures at a Glance http://ifap.ed.gov/qadocs/ConsumerModule/ConsumerInfoataGlance.doc

Due Date: The data are to be available by July 1 each year for the most recent cohort that has had 150 percent of normal time for completion by August 31 of the prior year

Due Month: July

Status: Active

Status Date: 0000-00-00