Title: UIC Collection for MSDS

Acronym: CEPI

Description: The UIC Collection is how institutes of higher education (IHE) can acquire and validate state-assigned Unique Identification Codes (UICs) for their students. The 10-digit UIC is needed for CEPI to create a student-level P-20 education data connection. Any student who has attended a Michigan public school will already have a UIC assigned to them. During the UIC submission windows the designated IHE staff member will create and upload an XML file with the necessary student information to match against the UIC records that already exist in the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS). If an existing UIC is found, that UIC will be associated with the student record; if no match is found, a new UIC will be created for the student.

Agency: State Budget Office

Direct Agency: Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI)

CEPI Information for Institution of Higher Education: http://www.michigan.gov/cepi/0,4546,7-113-57943---,00.html Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) https://cepi.state.mi.us/msds/

Due Date: Ongoing

Due Month: Ongoing

Status: Active

Status Date: 2017-07-26