Title: Voluntary Framework of Accountability

Acronym: VFA

Description: The VFA is the principal accountability framework for community colleges with measures defined to encompass the full breadth of the community college mission and the diversity of students' goals and educational experiences. Twenty-four Michigan community colleges are participating in and will leverage the VFA to better understand how their students are performing both individually and collectively. The VFA includes measures in the following categories: student progress and outcomes; career and technical education (CTE); and adult basic education. Data is reported to the VFA.

Agency: American Association of Community Colleges

Direct Agency:

Voluntary Framework of Accountability Website: http://vfa.aacc.nche.edu/Pages/default.aspx Voluntary Framework of Accountability Metrics Manual (4/16): http://vfa.aacc.nche.edu/Documents/VFAMetricsManual.pdf Reporting VFA Data: http://vfa.aacc.nche.edu/reporting/Pages/default.aspx

Due Date: Varies

Due Month: Varies

Status: Active

Status Date: 0000-00-00