Title: College/Dormitory Fire Safety Drill Requirement (Form BFS-48)

Acronym: CDFSDR

Description: Fire Prevention Code, PA 207 of 1941, requires each postsecondary educational institution dormitory to hold three fire drills each year and requires instructional staff to be trained in fire drill procedures before the beginning of each academic year. Institutions must prepare a record of each drill on a form prescribed by the Bureau of Fire Services. The drill records along with a record of all emergency procedures training completed by staff shall be retained and made available to the Bureau upon request. Institutions must submit to the Bureau, a statement certifying that the institution complied with all of the requirements in the preceding calendar year. All reporting requirements are included on Form BFS-48.

Agency: Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs

Direct Agency: Bureau of Fire Services

College/Dormitory Fire Safety Drill Requirement Form and Instructions (rev. 5/15): http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/BFS_FORM_-48_POSTSECONDARY_FIRE_SAFETY_DRILL-TRAINING_REQUIREMENTS_485380_7.pdf Postsecondary Educational Institutions Instructional Staff Training, Fire Drills & Reporting Requirements (Bulletin 14 5/15): http://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/FM_Bulletin_14_-_Postsecondary_Educational_Institutions_-_Instructional_Staff_Training_Fire_Drills__Reporting_Requirements_485379_7.pdf Submit Form BFS-48 electronically: postsecondary@michigan.gov

Due Date: 10-Jan

Due Month: January

Status: Active

Status Date: 0000-00-00