Title: Employee's Michigan Withholding Exemptions Certificate (Form MI-W4)

Acronym: EMWEC

Description: Every employer must obtain a Withholding Exemption Certificate (Form MI-W4) from each employee. The federal W-4 cannot be used in place of the MI-W4.

Agency: U.S. Department of Treasury

Direct Agency:

Michigan Withholding Tax Forms and Instructions: http://www.michigan.gov/taxes/0,4676,7-238-43519_43531-368865--,00.html 2016 Michigan Income Tax Withholding Guide: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/taxes/446_2016_519513_7.pdf

Due Date: MI-W4 are submitted to the employer on or before the date that employment begins. Employers do not sumbit W4s to the Department of Treasury, but they must keep them on fil

Due Month: Varies

Status: Active

Status Date: 0000-00-00