Title: e-Z Audit

Acronym: EZ

Description: Institutions that participate in federal student financial aid programs are required to submit their financial statements and compliance audits to the U.S. Department of Education through eZ-Audit. eZ-Audit is a web application that provides schools with a paperless, single point of submission for financial statements and compliance audits. The College's Audited Financial Statement and Management Letter (Record XX) is attached as part of the e-Z Audit. The A-133 (Record XX) is also attached as part of the e-Z Audit.

Agency: U.S Department of Education

Direct Agency: Federal Student Aid

e-Z Information and Login: https://ezaudit.ed.gov/EZWebApp/default.do e-Z Audit FAQ: https://ezaudit.ed.gov/docs/faq.doc e-Z Step by Step Guide: https://ezaudit.ed.gov/public_manual.pdf

Due Date: Within nine months after the end of the fiscal year

Due Month: Varies

Status: Active

Status Date: 0000-00-00