Title: Achieving the Dream Data Reporting

Acronym: ATD-REP

Description: Achieving the Dream (AtD) is a national reform network dedicated to community college student success and completion focused primarily on helping low-income students and students of color complete their education and obtain market-valued credentials. Member colleges no longer submit student data directly to AtD. Through a partnership with the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), AtD receives extracts and reports prepared from student data currently submitted to NSC by participating colleges. Like the original Achieving the Dream database, these data will include student cohorts tracked longitudinally. Colleges must give authorization to NSC to extract their AtD data.

Agency: Achieving the Dream

Direct Agency:

Achieving the Dream College Resources: http://achievingthedream.org/our-network-area/college-resources Achieving the Dream - About Us Webpage: http://achievingthedream.org/about-us

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Status: Active

Status Date: 0000-00-00