Title: IPEDS Academic Libraries

Acronym: IPEDS

Description: The Academic Libraries component of IPEDS collects basic information on library collections, expenditures, and services for degree-granting postsecondary institutions. Data collected include: counts of books, media, and database collections held in the physical and digital/electronic form and library expenditures on salaries/wages, materials/services, and operations/maintenance. Institutions with annual library expenditures less than $100,000 are only required to report collections information.

Agency: U.S. Department of Education/Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

Direct Agency: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System

Main IPEDS Website: http://nces.ed.gov/ipeds IPEDS Data Reporting and Information (Log in required for reporting): https://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/Home/ReportYourData

Due Date: Spring Collection (Mid to Late April)

Due Month: April

Status: Active

Status Date: 2017-07-26