Title: ACS 3: Public Service Activity

Acronym: ACS

Description: The Michigan Community College Activities Classification Structure (ACS) is a set of categories and related definitions which allows users to examine the operation of an institution as they relate to the accomplishment of that institution's objectives. ACS 3: Public Service Activity includes those program activities established to make available to the public the various unique resources and capabilities of the institution for the specific purpose of responding to a community need or solving a community problem. This program includes the provision of institutional facilities, as well as those services of the faculty and staff that are made available outside the context of the institution's regular instructional program. They consist of services to the community and consist primarily of activities such as a lecture series or concert series. Community colleges are required by law to submit an Audited Financial Statement and Management Letter to various state agencies by November 15 each fiscal year. Significant changes were made to ACS reporting in 2016 and more changes are expected. New reporting requirements are included in the reporting system.

Agency: State Budget Office

Direct Agency: Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI)

Submit Data and Access Instructions (log in required): http://www.michigancc.net/admin/ ACS Manual (amended 8/10): http://www.michigancc.net/acs/acsmanual2003.pdf Dean's Guide (section updated 7/07): http://www.michigancc.net/perkins/resources-guide.aspx Community colleges will submit ACS data on the michigancc.net site this year (16-17 collection.) Next year (17-18 collection) they will submit these data in a new ACS application being developed and managed by CEPI.

Due Date: Data are due November 1 Financial Reports are due November 15

Due Month: November

Status: Active

Status Date: 2017-07-26