Title: MSDS Student Transcript and Academic Record Repository (STARR) Collection

Acronym: CEPI

Description: As per sections 388.1844 and 388.1819 of the State School Aid Act, community colleges must participate in the state's Student Transcript and Academic Record Repository (STARR) Collection. College's submit each student's academic record to CEPI through the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS). Michigan agreed to connect data from preschool through postsecondary (P-20) education and as a result, CEPI collects, stores, maintains, analyzes and reports P-20 data. Academic record data include information pertaining to awards, programs, and courses the student has received and/or taken at a particular community college or university. STARR data are used for reports published on MiSchoolData.org. See the 2017 STARR Changes document for important information regarding reporting changes in 2017, including changes to the reporting year and some data elements. (http://www.michigan.gov/documents/cepi/2017_STARR_Changes_555544_7.pdf)

Agency: State Budget Office

Direct Agency: Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI)

CEPI Information for Institution of Higher Education: http://www.michigan.gov/cepi/0,4546,7-113-57943---,00.html Michigan Student Data System (MSDS): https://cepi.state.mi.us/msds/

Due Date: Collection Period: August 1, 2017 to October 16, 2017

Due Month: October

Status: Active

Status Date: 2017-07-26